Radical unveil new, smarter, Radical SR3 XX

The world’s most successful race car manufacturer - Radical Sportscars - have taken the covers off the XX ‘evolution’ of their successful SR3 model, a car first introduced in 2001 with now, almost 1300 variants scattered around the world, Australia one of their most successful markets.

Outwardly, there are some visible design tweaks to the successful SR3 RSX which was first unveiled in late 2014 - revised rear wing end plates, new composite mirrors and a tweak to the LED race lighting, however it is inside the new ‘XX’ where things have really taken on a dramatic change.

Most obvious of the updates is the dashboard and the new AiM Technologies multi-function steering wheel which is a big departure from the technology used in the current-spec RSX and more akin to that which you’d expect to see in modern day prototype or GT3 sportscars.

The new steering wheel incorporates a built-in LCD display that allows up to four fields to be displayed at any one time, providing the driver with more information than ever before, with multiple control buttons providing the driver fingertip access to real-time information on track, with hundreds of possible data feed combinations to choose from, but that’s by no means where it ends..

A new solid-state AiM Power Distribution Module (PDM) acts as the electrical heart of the SR3 XX, replacing a conventional wiring loom to send, store and process data and telemetry faster and more efficiently. The system not only offers a significant weight saving - 65% over the traditional system - but also makes diagnostic and fault resolution a lot simpler, which in itself is a great advantage for the teams.

The cockpit also features a 60mm wider moulded twin and single-seat option to provide greater lateral stability and safety, with thought given to the addition of bespoke seat inserts which have become a big factor in twin-driver combinations across longer races.

”The SR3 model line has always been a car that enables drivers, whether a seasoned professional or first-event rookie, to quickly, safely and confidently get up to speed on any track, and the new features of the SR3 XX make that process even easier,” said Radical Sportscars’ Marketing Manager, Will Brown.

“Our longstanding partnership with AiM Technologies means we are debuting electrical architecture previously only reserved for high-price LMP and GT race cars. In the SR3 XX this technology is easy to comprehend for everyone, so carries the SR3 reputation into the next decade of racing success.”

Available in Australia to contest events like the Radical Australia Cup and NSW SuperSports, a number of Australian-based SR3s have also proven popular for track days and drive-day corporate events, with Sydney’s RA Motorsports a long serving dealer for the popular model.

For more information on the new SR3 XX, contact josh@radicalaustralia.com.au or call 0403 888 104.

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