2016 NSW SuperSports Round 3 SMSP

Spring time arrived early at Sydney Motorsport Park for the 5th round of the NSW state championship. Brisk morning lead to low 20’s degrees’ temperature and it was the brisk morning that greeted the Supersports field for qualifying. The radical SR8 of Neale Muston claimed pole position with a front row partner of Darren Barlow in the Stohr WF1. Second row consisted of Peter Paddon in a Radical SR3 and Peter White in a SR8. The format was qualifying in the morning and 3 races in the afternoon all held on Saturday.

14 drivers came out to compete in race 1 in glorious conditions and after 2 warm up laps it was Muston who made the better start leading Barlow and the rest of the pack into turn 2. Another great started was Chris Sutton, starting from 5th position he found himself dicing for the podium. As the race matured Muston increased his lead from Barlow who in turn had a gap to the rest of the field. Amongst the mid pack runners there was a great battle forming between Paddon and Anthony Haggarty, the dice between these two drivers would continue though out the race. At race end Muston was victorious, finishing comfortably in front of Barlow who in turn edged out White. Unfortunately White received a 10 second penalty elevating the hard charging Sutton to third.

In race 2 Muston continued his form and made a brilliant start and was pressuring White for the lead at turn 1, however the action was behind the leaders. Towards the back of the field Gregg Smith, Peter Clare and Phil Anseline went off at high speeds in the middle of the first turn. This resulted in Clare’s car being stuck in the gravel trap. Smith’s car suffered front end damage and retired, while Anseline’s car toured the long way in the grass outfield to avoid the carnage and was able to re-join the race at the back of the field.

This altercation caused the safety car to come out and take control of the race; it took the hard working marshals 4 laps to extricate the stricken car of Clare. Once the car was removed and the track was cleared up only 2 green laps remained. Muston overtook White for the lead and came home for his second win of the day. White finished second while Barlow continued his form claiming a good third.

Race 3 was held late Saturday afternoon and by the time proceedings started long shadows were forming across the track. The sun rays were at their last gasp and track temperatures cooled down considerably. Even though the conditions were different Muston repeated his two previous starts and took control of the race early on. White followed him early on but he succumbed from a great overtaking move by Barlow during the first lap.

Muston with a clear track in front of him was lapping much faster than his rivals and extended his lead each lap. Barlow and White chased hard, but could not match the leaders pace, but the story of the race was the magnificent dice between Paddon and Sutton. These two cars were nose to tail lap after lap. The display of racing they gave to the small crowd present was equal to none. With 4 laps to go Sutton was able to overtake Paddon after prolonged continued pressure. Paddon tried hard to retake his previous position to no avail.

This was not the only great dice of this race, further down the field John McInnes and Simon Meade also had a vigorous battle that lasted the whole race. Meade followed McInnes during the whole race but was not able to overtake him; this is not due to his lack of trying. At the end in the most important and final race of the day Muston came out on top claiming 1st position trophy from Barlow and White.

Muston was the dominant driver taking a clean sweep by winning all three races. Congratulations to the rest of the competitors entertaining all present with possibly the best race this season so far. Dicing was evident up and down the field with some wonderful and clean overtaking moves. Looking forward to the next Supersports state championship round.

Race 1

1 41 EXCALIBUR RACING Neale Muston (NSW) Radical SR8

2 27 GWR Darren Barlow (NSW) Stohr

3 35 SUTTO'S MOTORCYCLE SUPPLY Chris Sutton (NSW) Radical SR3 1500

Race 2

1 41 EXCALIBUR RACING Neale Muston (NSW) Radical SR8

2 28 FIRST NEON Peter White (NSW) Radical SR8

3 27 GWR Darren Barlow (NSW) Stohr WF1 999

Race 3

1 41 EXCALIBUR RACING Neale Muston (NSW) Radical SR8

2 27 GWR Darren Barlow (NSW) Stohr WF1

3 28 FIRST NEON Peter White (NSW) Radical SR8


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