One of the key elements that separates Radical from many other motorsport companies is that we specialise in developing drivers in to racers.

Throughout our years of experience in motorsport we have quickly identified how intimidating it can be to get started and find your feet in the heat of competition. RA can provide you with a service from the very start. We tailor programs to each drivers requirements including, pre event preparation, fitness, driver coaching and mentoring, event administration, data engineering, guidance on car set up and race craft. 


We have affiliated ourselves with some of the best professional drivers Australia has to offer, world class driver coach Karl reindeer heads up the Radical Australia Coaching and Mentoring service which we have formalised into a long term season offering rather than one off instruction at events. It involves lots of off track tuition and mentoring as well as on track support.

RA Motorsport have access to the following proven coaches and mentors who have been assisting Radical Australia drivers over the past 10 years:


If you don't have a Motorsport Australia licence and want to get started racing Radical's we can take you through the steps and procedure to do so. 

Karl Reindler
James Winslow
Ben Porter
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